Veterinary medicine and vaccine factory Vaksindo is part of a series of pharmaceutical factory construction projects of INTRACO E&C company.

Up to now, the project has been constructed with lightning speed, completed the rough part and some basic finishing works. The factory has been completed with the rough part, ensuring the maximum possible limitation of cross-contamination, easy cleaning, and resistance to outside intrusion (dust, insects, ..)
The outside area, the company has completed. basic internal concrete road system and is expected to be completely completed in October 2022. Items of fence, main gate… are continuing to be deployed.
HVAC systems, electrical systems, water filtration and waste treatment systems, fire alarm systems, other compressed air systems, etc., are being reviewed in detail before construction begins in the next 1-2 months, ensure strict compliance with general regulations on GMP WHO, BLS3
As expected, the project will be completed, accepted and put into operation after 14 months from the commencement date, ie June 2023.

(All information about the veterinary drug and vaccine factory Vaksindo will be continuously updated at the end of the article.)